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Tower Noire is a small coffeebreak roguelike inspired by Cave NoireLittle Nemo, and Powder, created for 7DRL 2018 in PICO-8. I ended up reusing old, long-abandoned assets and concepts to be able to complete something in 7 days. 

Controls are the default PICO-8 buttons (I use the arrow keys, Z for the menu/confirm and X to wait/cancel, but there may be a more comfortable alternative depending on your keyboard). Gamepads are also supported.

Gameplay Tips:

  • The goal is to get to the 25th floor and defeat an enemy there, so plan accordingly.
  • Your starting equipment will very quickly need to be upgraded.
  • Passive effects for weapons may be more useful than additional strength.
  • Some passives affect positioning and can help you from getting cornered.
  • Get a sense for the room before running straight in. Some enemies can kill you pretty easily in 1x1 hallways.
  • Explore the room carefully for easy enemies that drop edible items and items scattered around.
  • Falling down a hole will damage you and also let the enemies take a turn. On harder floors this can do a lot of damage.
  • Move slowly.

    Web (or Mobile) Player:

    You can play the web version here: https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=2034


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